We offer a managed content creation, archival, marketing and distribution service made possible through our cloud based platform.

Engine sits at the heart of Inverleigh. Inverleigh creates video content that is delivered to over 450 broadcast, digital streaming and publishing clients internationally. Under the Unbeaten umbrella Inverleigh runs a complete direct to consumer offering that includes a linear channel. We are experts at effective content creation and efficient media management and distribution.

Lower the cost of content archival and file delivery while still catering to every requirement. Reduce risk by ensuring your media operations function can thrive while working remotely.

Maximise the revenue generated by your content by presenting it optimally on all owned and partner platforms. Grow your social media presence by leveraging your archive to create platform tailored content.

Empower your internal teams with instant access to all the information they need on your content. Present your content to potential partners in your own branded environment to maximise its impact.

Ingest, Store & Discover

We make it easy for your team or those of your partners to upload all your content to our cloud platform. Footage is then QA'd and added to a cloud catalogue searchable from anywhere in the world. We use industry standard cloud cold storage for secure, cost effective long term archival.

Automated Media Transformation

Whatever file formats you or your partners need we can take files your archive and efficiently transform them. Using cloud based workflows Engine can remove ad breaks, turn masters into low bitrate versions for digital delivery, clip social video and more.

Fast, Reliable Delivery

Whether through AWS S3, FTP or direct download links Engine can automate the delivery of your content. Once client requirements are defined the automated cloud workflows do the rest.

Maximise the Potential of Digital Television

To succeed in the streaming space you need the right assets and the right metadata. Drawing from Inverleigh's experience Engine delivers videos, thumbnails and associated avails metadata in the exact formats required.

Get More from New Media

Improve your social media management efficiency and grow your content mix. Engine centralises your content and allows the transformation and social upload of any video asset in your archive. Leverage Inverleigh's experience in tailoring your content to your objectives.

Powering Rich, Flexible User Experiences

Make all your content accessible via a robust API. From offline screening software to browser or TV based streaming platforms we can connect Engine to deliver content directly to end users with speed and security.

Bespoke Partner Portal

Select any of your content to add to custom screening lists for partners to watch in maximum quality through our screening room. All partner facing web pages and emails are tailored to reflect your brand.

The Power of AWS

Engine's foundations are built on the Amazon Web Services cloud architecture. AWS boasts worldwide coverage, class leading speed, scalability and most importantly durability. AWS's storage service alone boasts a 99.999999999% uptime.

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